Intelligent decisions via better data

Our intuitive solution converts diverse data streams into actionable insights that empower you to make smart decisions about your school.

Diverse, integrated data sources

Get the most out of your current data. We provide the most comprehensive view of your school operations, presented in graphical, user-friendly form.

One platform. Insightful analytics

We extract information from single spreadsheet formats, internal student management systems & other external data sources to compile it on one central portal, an intuitive insight bank ready for use.

Predictive & prescriptive insights

We add value to your data by helping you analyse, predict, and create actionable insights that you can channel into valuable student and school outcomes.

What does Ayra Analytics offer you?

Digital, individual student profiles

We provide personalised learning profiles.

We take your raw data and convert it into unique analytics that address the dynamic needs of each student, creating a personalised learning profile. You can take that information and design specialised lesson plans to improve student performance and enable personal growth. This can be applied to school profiles as well.

Student health & behavioural trends

Develop your students’ infinite potential.

No two students are alike. Ayra Analytics takes all the data that makes each student unique from multiple data sources, and generates specific insights based on who they are, at this point, and who they have the potential to become, through the course of their school career.

School Operational Insights

Unlock your school’s potential to grow.

Ayra Analytics generates insights based on your school’s operational data. This will help you pinpoint which areas work, which areas do not, and prescribe strategies to resolve them.
For instance, you will gain fresh perspectives on areas such as budget management, staff turnover, current resource allocation, and student admissions & retention rates, which will enable you to make strategic decisions on under-performing areas.

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We bring education data to life

We use predictive analytics to empower schools with the tools to help students manifest their potential. Are you ready to transform your school with the power of insight?