Personalised student profiles powered by learning analytics

View detailed, digital profiles of your students.

Teachers and parents can access detailed student reports that are powered by education analytics. These reports are easy to access and intuitive to use, with mobile-friendly capabilities. They contain informative student data that uses learning analytics designed to enhance student outcomes. Create personalised learning plans to help your students nurture and realise their potential for greatness. Implement early-intervention measures to improve student performance. Ensure your students embark on a school career that fast-tracks them for life success.

Education analytics provide holistic school snapshot

View your entire school operational map on one dashboard

Thanks to the power of analytics in education, your school just received an operational upgrade. Administrators and trustees now have access to a powerful dashboard that presents relevant school information through colourful, easy-to-understand graphics. These intuitive dashboards are device-agnostic and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Take quick, purposeful action to fix underperforming areas in your school. Reallocate resources where necessary to eliminate wastage. Empower your decision-making and organisational planning efforts to drive positive change in your institution.

"We aim to convert all schools in Australia into Smart Schools. So join the Ayra Analytics revolution today!"

We bring education data to life

We use learning analytics to power schools with the tools to help students manifest their potential. Are you ready to transform your school with the power of insight?