Individualised student profiles

We provide detailed, digital snapshots of your students

Use this informative data to empower your students, both academically and personally. Create personalised learning plans to manifest latent student potential. Implement early-intervention measures to improve student performance.

Comprehensive school snapshot

View your entire school operational map on one dashboard

Take action to fix under-performing areas in your school. Reallocate resources where necessary. Empower your decision-making to drive positive change in your institution.

Ayra Analytics converts multiple sources of raw data into intelligent, insightful analytics to empower schools to make the right decisions for their students and operations.

"We aim to convert all schools in Australia into Smart Schools. So join the Ayra Analytics revolution today!"

We bring education data to life

We use predictive analytics to empower schools with the tools to help students manifest their potential. Are you ready to transform your school with the power of insight?