How can we get support?

You just have to email support@ayraanalytics.com.au or call 1300 414 200 and one of our support staff will assist with your query.

Do we get access to any new dashboards Ayra analytics releases after implementation?

Yes, You can select from a wide range of dashboards. Once you are ready, our implementation team will add the dashboard to your existing environment.

If we need help to clean our data, can Ayra analytics help?

Ayra analytics can help schools to cleanup their data for an additional cost. This will help schools to get more accurate insights using their current data.

Who manages the changes to the data sources?

If your data sources changed due to an update or new version, Ayra team will quickly fix the data mappings. Ayra analytics provides a fully managed solution. So you don’t have to worry about changes to any existing data sources.

What’s the implementation time?

Generally it takes between 3-5 weeks to do the initial implementation. Depending on the data sources and complexity of the environment, the implementation time will change.

Who owns the data?

The School will own all the data collected by Ayra team. Ayra team will only use their technologies ( IP) to collect data and everything stored in the data warehouse will be owned by the School.

Whers is our data stored?

School data will be stored inside the school in a School environment. The School will have full access rights to the data collected by Ayra team.

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