The People Behind Ayra Analytics

We’ve got a diverse, experienced team of industry experts powering Ayra Analytics. Business analysts, education professionals, data scientists, marketing leaders, and innovation specialists have combined forces on one important mission – to spearhead an era of positive change across Australia’s education landscape. These are their origin stories.

Hansa Wijayasundara

CEO of Ayra Group

Hansa is the visionary CEO of Ayra Analytics. He has an MBA from MGSM (Macquarie Graduate School of Management), and he brings almost 10 years of experience in information technology to the company’s senior management team. Driven by a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, Hansa excels at building diverse, highly capable teams of self-motivated individuals who know how to combine their strengths to exceed company goals. Hansa has experience in systems engineering and IT operations, and has worked at one of the most prestigious schools in Australia, The Scots College. This is where he had his “eureka!” moment of solving school problems through the power of predictive learning analytics. Hansa is driven to make a difference in education, by providing every student with the ability to succeed academically and personally. This is where he sees data analytics making a huge impact – by empowering schools to create the next generation of students who manifest their own potential. With Hansa at the helm of Ayra Analytics, the company is poised to fulfil its goal of becoming the world’s number one data analytics platform.

Ian Joffe

Electrical Engineering

Ian brings more than 30 years of leadership experience to Ayra Analytics’ upper management team. He started his first company at the age of 26, and has contributed his strategic expertise to 6 companies at the senior level, as either a 100% owner, partner, or director. Ian’s professional background is mainly technical skills in the IT Service industry, but he excels in building great teams and inspiring team members to work together to create positive outcomes. Fairness and Integrity are the driving forces that fuel Ian’s professional worldview, and he has combined both elements to successfully manage his businesses. Ian is passionate about leading by example and has created a company culture of openness, honesty, and generosity that also powers our dedication to our clients. Ian is fully committed to leverage his experience, expertise, and leadership to fulfil Ayra Analytics’ vision of becoming the world’s number one learning analytics platform.

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