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Ayra Analytics is passionate about making a difference in education. That is why we wish to empower Australia’s schools with the ability to make smart decisions about their students’ personal and academic growth, as well as implement insightful changes to make their schools function more efficiently.

At Ayra Analytics, we fully embody the spirit of education, where we learn from our schools about how we can expand our solutions to fit the evolving requirements of Australia’s learning institutions. We are able to grow and evolve as a company as we leverage our understanding of the trends and technology that would be most beneficial to schools.

When you work with us, you will be getting a team of education professionals, business analysts, data scientists, and other thought-leaders who care about making dynamic change in the education sphere. So talk to us today!

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Sign up for a free demo to peer deeper into education analytics! No two demos are alike, because no two schools are alike, and we are constantly updating our report selection according to each school’s individual needs. When you sign up for a free demo, here’s a sample of what you can see:

  • Unique, personalised performance trajectories over time
  • How to set learning outcomes
  • Important, actionable steps to meet those outcomes
  • How to track changes and implement early intervention measures
  • Pricing and budget trends, and projected financial outcomes

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We use predictive analytics to empower schools with the tools to help students manifest their potential. Are you ready to transform your school with the power of insight?